Frequently Asked Questions

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Placing Your Order
What payment methods do you accept?
The items I put in my shopping cart recently are gone, what happened?
What if I received the wrong item?
Can I update my shipping address, edit or cancel my order once I place it?
Warranty Policies
How do I register my scale?
Do you have to register the scale for warranty?
What products have warranty on them?
What if the scale didn't come with a warranty card?
Shipping Information
Where do you ship to?
Can I track the status of my order?
What delivery services do you offer?
How do I know my order has been dispatched?
Returns and Exchanges
What if my package arrived damaged?
Can I do an exchange?
Am I able to do a return?
Assistance with Scales
How do I calibrate my scale?
What are the general scale rules?
Can I get help troubleshooting my scale?
How do I do tare weighing?
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