Our Story

Infyniti Scales is dedicated to providing each person with every element they would need for their next smoke session.

There is a constant rotation of Infyniti Scales products that you have probably seen before, Including officially licensed items such as: scales, water pipes, grinders, accessories, and much more!

Infyniti Scales was established in 2010, producing and marketing tobacco smoking accessories to the North American market. Our key executives have 40+ years of retail experience working with the biggest names in the Canadian market. Our ability to apply this knowledge to the nascent cannabis industry are what sets us apart. We currently work with some of the biggest names in music & entertainment from Notorious BIG, to Cheech and Chong. Understanding branding and marketing is our advantage. The legalization of marijuana in Canada is a huge opportunity to grow our brand, and we would like you to be a part of our journey.